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Dontá Morrison has always been outspoken and passionate about life. The one who asks questions that ruffle feathers; urging people to think outside of the box. Understanding that open dialogue is the best way to bring about positive change, he has positioned himself to be a sought after speaker who brings welcomed input to some very uncomfortable conversations. His stance on sex, sexuality, and sexual orientation has raised eyebrows and challenged individuals to remove their blinders and deal with the issues head on.

With over 10 years of experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS education, he has presented on the subject from various standpoints. Being well versed in the functions of the African American Faith Based community has enabled him to conduct workshops on HIV/AIDS and STD’s within that arena as well. Having been applauded by the church for his sensitive approach to the subject of sex; while at the same time providing much needed information to the members therein, has garnered him the support of pastors nationwide.

He has also worked closely with various community based organizations and developed strong ties within the field of HIV education and prevention. In addition, he has facilitated HIV workshops for the Tavis Smiley Leadership Institute, and inmates within Victorville Federal Prison. He can also be viewed giving commentary in the documentary "Faces of HIV" -produced by actor/director Bill Duke- that focuses on the plight of HIV within the black community.

He currently has two novels in circulation "The End of the Rainbow" and "Yesterday Clarified" are both receiving positive accolades from readers for thier honest and realistic portrayal of a Black Gay couple dealing with issues that impact not only themselves but all who are in close association with them.

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